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Xavier Ylagan

Xavier Ylagan 18 Years old
Photographer | Videographer
Located in Glendale, AZ
Canon User (T2i)

I started photography junior year in high school. At first, photography wasn’t such a big thing to me, but seeing my family and friends create such beautiful pictures of everyday life i thought i wanted to pursue that goal as well. I have taken one class of photo during my junior year and gained experience through using film instead of digital. Ever since then i have been messing around, taking pictures of everything and bringing my camera with me everywhere. I have gained knowledge to becoming a better photographer. As a result i wanted to take things more seriously, like make videos and do photoshoots here and there. I look forward to continuing my photography and videography, which will make my passion for this hobby that much stronger. I hope to one day become recognized by my work and have some positive influence to future photographers.



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