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Martin Peychev

Martin Peychev  20 years old
Photographer | Editor
Located in North Phoenix
Canon 50D – Canon 5DMKii User
I started my passion for photography at a very young age. I was about eight years old, and every time my parents and I would travel I’d have their Canon F1 film camera around my neck taking pictures of everything, and anything. They soon bought the their first DSLR the Canon 10d, and I fell in love with digital photography from there on.
Fast forward to about my Freshman year in high school I decided to buy my own point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot camera just so I can always have a camera with me no matter where I would go. I decided from there on I loved taking pictures more than anything else. My parents gave me their 10d and I studied the booklet it came with, and online sources on what makes a good photographer, and how to properly use a camera in a manual setting.
When they saw the passion I had they surprised me with my very own Canon 50d, from there on my passion just kept growing. Fast forward to the present time I have developed such a love and passion for photography I am always willing to experiment with any type of shoot.

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