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Corey Hour


Corey Hour 23 Years Old
Freelance | Photographer | Videographer | Cinematographer  | Design | Business

Currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Canon-Sony HDSLR user. Specializes in Cinematography, Photography, Directing, Editing, and Design.

I started Photography my 11th grade (Junior Year) of High School. I took an entry level Photography class,

using old school SLR cameras, where we took our film to a dark room to develop them by hand.

The funny part of the story was that I almost failed the class, Needless to say I grew fond of

Photography. (TIME SKIP) 2 1/2 years later with the help of my friend Zach I was able to purchase a

Canon EOS Rebel T1i, my first HDSLR. As time progressed my experiences with the camera grew

with the knowledge I acquired. Now I am pursuing Photography/Videography on a business

level and hopefully moving to San Diego soon!

i submit my stuff to bigger blogs so maybe you’re familiar with some of my work circulating the internet.




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