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Pallets Food & Bar – Asian Fusion Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix on the Northeast corner of 3rd street & Roosevelt, sits Pallets Food & Bar – where you can satisfy your cravings for Vietnamese, Chinese, and even Japanese cuisine! Having recently opened their doors for business, Pallets offers a variety of decorated dishes and drafts alike, ranging from sushi, vermicelli noodles, and stir fry to bobas, coffees, and alcohol. I was greeted by a friendly staff and was given the option to sit where ever I chose to (bar, outside, table).

The place is wall to wall covered in long beams of disassembled pallets, metal tables, large glass doors, open atmosphere and is very modern in style. After taking a seat and placing our drink orders (we ordered the Four Peaks IPA $6 each YIKES) I was able to check out their extensive menu. Unfortunately, many of the selections were unavailable due to the recentness of their business opening (20% of their entrees, drinks, etc.) The main attraction was their low prices and variety, furthermore, the amazing quality as we found out when our dishes arrived in a flash!

47. BÚN BÒ XÀO XẢ ỚT- $7.99

Rating: 9/10 Excellent

I ordered this incredibly colorful and flavorful dish that wow’d the entire table as it was brought out and placed in front of me in record time. I was immediately met with a hint of lemongrass and zest as I carefully looked over the dish in excitement. When critiquing a dish I look at 5 important key points: Presentation, Smell, Taste, Portion, and Overall Quality: Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was cooked perfectly, the portions were perfect size and the flavors were all blended very well. Truly the only thing I can really say that disappointed me about this dish is that there wasn’t more! Loved it. I have tasted slightly better so I am leaving a margin for that and rating this dish a 9/10.

37. COM CHIEN- $5.95

My friend who is A) Extremely lactose-intolerant B) Cannot eat spicy & C) One of the most difficult people to eat out with, played it safe and ordered this fried rice dish. She was delighted when she was met with a colorful and enormous entree. Her comments were, “Wow this looks really good!” and “This is amazing!” so I instantly knew that this dish had single handedly won over the ABC’s of her standards for eating out! Nice.

45. BÚN BÒ NƯỚNG- $7.49

The presentation for this dish impressed my friend who has tried food while overseas in Japan & Thailand. He excitedly exclaimed how it reminded him of these places and proceeded to what I can only describe as “inhalation” of the food and devoured the entire dish in a matter of minutes. Must’ve been incredible because after it was all said and done he was definitely 1) Full 2) Happy 3) Having a great time. Score.

All in all I will find myself returning to this restaurant again and again whenever I’m in the area. Great experience, cannot wait until they unravel the rest of their menu and supply us with more drinks such as boba (my favorite)! Highly recommend trying it out, my tab was really affordable and surprised me as well!

Vietnamese, Chinese, & Japanese Cuisine

1011 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, Az. 85004

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