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Kenny Nguyen

Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Featured, Posts, Team Members | 0 comments

Kenny Nguyen 18 years old

Photographer | Videographer | Design | Business

Located in Phoenix, Arizona

Skilled in Canon-Nikon HDSLR

I started my photography endeavors about 4 years ago. I was inspired by a forum thread called “Post your day in pictures”. After see how beautiful you days can’t be captured and displayed I was hooked. I grabbed my parents point and shoot Casio S500, and made every shot the best I could learning more and more each day. Afterwards I had saved enough for my first CMOS sensor camera which was a micro-four thirds Olympus EPL-1, and the quality blew my mind. After learning the settings and getting use to all the manual adjust that were available to me. I proceed to upgrade to my first DSLR the Canon Rebel XS, and I couldn’t have fell in love more. I had enough shoot money to upgrade once again and thought I’d take a plunge with a Nikon D3100. My first DSLR that allowed me to shoot video, and I fell in love. The idea of turning a still into a motion picture blew my mind. Before I even met Corey Hour I saw his stuff online and wanted to replicate it or be just as good. Fate came knocking on my door and allowed us to meet and could not have ask for a more professional team mate. I have learned so much about video through Corey and I am still learning each day. Today I have jumped back over the fence and now own a Canon Rebel T3i. I am currently attending Arizona State University for Pre-Med with dreams to attend pharmacy school afterwards. People ask me all the time. Why do pharmacy if your love is in photo/video. Here’s my reason. I chose photo/video because I wanted to capture the beauty of the world through a still or a video clip. With pharmacy I will be able to give prescriptions to patients that aid them in health, wellness, and daily living. And no picture or video will replicate the beauty of seeing a customer return better than ever. There is nothing more beautiful than life itself.

He is one of the originators of the brand NiceandSubtle. A laid-back simplistic yet complex in it’s own right clothing line.

They are a partner-business to our photography/video line of work. Kenny is a very motivated & idealistic individual who likes to keep things rolling, carefully and calculated within means.





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